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    Alexa Plus 4:3 with Canon CN-E 30-300mm Zoom and cmotion kit.Alexa is a Super 35mm Digital Cinema Camera with a 2.8K sensor, recording 1920x1080 Prores up to 444 on solid-state cards or uncompressed 1920x1080 HD to any external HDSDI recorder or (optionally) ARRIRAW uncompressed 2880x1620 to a compatible T-link recorder (please discuss your recording requirements when booking - Prores comes standard).

    Coming in November 2012 - 4:3 Prores for Full Frame Animorphic.

    1-60fps in all modes without windowing (40fps maximum in Prores 444 to 32GB cards, 60fps with optional 64GB cards). EI 200-1600.

    Alexa Plus includes a built in WRS wireless control receiver and lens/camera metadata systems; perfect for tracking/crane/steadicam operation or VFX shooting.

    Alexa Plus can be configured with the High Speed option, allowing 60-120fps in Prores 422 HQ only on 64GB cards.

    We offer a compatible CMotion controller for the Alexa Plus. Please get in touch to find out how best to use the Alexa on your next production.