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    Thunderbolt Data Kit


    We all know the W-word. We don’t like to use it, because we don’t train animals. Let’s call a spade a spade - we load film, we load tape, we load data.

    We have built, over hundreds of productions, the fastest and most reliable on-set digital loading systems in the country - and they’re available with an experienced camera assistant at a rate that won’t break your budget.

    You don’t really have your footage until you have it on three copies in two places; anything less and you’re borrowing from fate. We can give you this level of safety on set, without overtime, and without charging a fortune.

    Contact us now to talk digital loading and make your next project run more smoothly than ever before.

    Hire Data Kits, Us and even Overnight Transcoding

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    With our Thunderbolt Data Kit - we have the fastest and most secure kit in Melbourne. Each kit comes with Thunderbolt RAID Drives, SXS Thunderbolt Reader (Alexa) or eSATA Reader (RED) and a Macbook.